Sheet metal laser cutting

In order to offer a more rapid and precise service, we have enhanced our range of equipment, concentrating on one of the most innovative forms of technology dedicated to sheet metal laser cutting. We have a latest-generation Fiber Laser Cutters and a warehouse with automated loading and unloading, capable of handling elevated workloads. The main characteristics are higher speeds compared to traditional systems, and the utmost quality for the cutting of mild steel as well as other materials such as copper, brass and stainless steel.


This is a form of technology that is suitable for all types of metal cutting, from the simplest to the most complex, with extreme precision. The aim is to be able to respond to specific requirements in terms of technical design and use of the semi-finished items. We carry out design and laser cutting operations on items that require absolute sequentiality or precision. We have chosen to use this latest-generation technology as it allows us to offer our clients high-quality and highly precise products very rapidly, thus responding quickly to market requirements.

Laser cutting is carried out as desired by the client and planned in the design stage by our technical department, which is composed of personnel specialised in the programming and use of laser cutting machinery.

Detail of laser cutting work

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